YPO Santa Barbara
YPO Santa Barbara

YPO Santa Barbara is a dynamic group of business leaders, and their families, united by a shared commitment of personal and professional growth. YPO Santa Barbara offers an intimate environment where the power of idea exchange and lifelong learning enhances lives, enriches families, and improves communities. We are member-driven, comprised of individuals who contribute their time and energy, so we achieve our purpose of life-long learning and relationships.

The YPO platform provides peer-to-peer networking, shared experiences, world class learning events, forums, and global networks and groups. United by purpose, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of meaningful leadership and positive change on the world we impact.

“Michael Paskin's involvement with YPO Santa Barbara has been a transformative experience in his journey. As the Founder & CEO of The Paskin Group, he attributes much of his success to the depth of knowledge, expertise, and connections that YPO offers, resulting in visible growth and innovative advancements for his business. Beyond the professional spectrum, the organization has also enriched his personal life in unparalleled ways. "YPO has been an incredible force for positive change in my business and I have forged some of the most influential and trust-worthy relationships of my life through the organization." The confidential and non-solicitation format of YPO Santa Barbara promotes an atmosphere where members can share openly without fear, fostering accelerated growth and an unbreakable bond of trust. Through YPO, Michael has not only broadened his business acumen but also deepened his perspectives as an individual, father, and husband.”
Michael Paskin - The Paskin Group

“YPO events offer an unparalleled pursuit of wisdom by providing incredible opportunities to engage with world-class speakers who forecast the future."
Leon Jakmic

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) | Better Leaders Through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange
What is YPO?

YPO Is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. The organization unites over 27,000 business leaders in more than 130 countries. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence, and trust of the world’s most influential and innovative leaders who inspire business, personal, family and community.

How do I qualify?

Membership Qualifications for 2023-2024

Criteria 1:
Under the age of 45
Criteria 2:
President, CEO, Chairperson of the Board, Managing Director, Managing Partner or Equivalent Title
Criteria 3:
Number of Employees
50 Full-Time Employees or 15+ Full-Time Employees and Minimum $2.5M USD Annual Employee Compensation
Criteria 4:
Revenue By Company Type
Sales, Service and Manufacturing $15M+ USD
Agency $12M+ USD
Financial Institution $300M+ USD AUM
or Enterprise Value $25M + USD
What is involved in the membership process?
  • Complete a YPO application
  • Interview with the membership officer
  • Sponsors host luncheon for applicants with members
  • Attend two YPO Columbus events
  • Complete a 3rd party verification confirming your quantitative qualifications
  • Receive approval to join by the chapter board
  • Upon payment of dues, you will be an official YPO Columbus member
We welcome you to join us in YPO Santa Barbara!
What are the benefits of joining YPO?
Peer-to Peer Environment

YPO is a community of peer leaders; committed to lifelong learning and idea exchange; while fostering a safe haven of trust, respect and confidentiality.

YPO provides both members and spouses/partners the ability to connect with peers in a structured, supportive and confidential atmosphere to address their individual and combined professional/personal needs.


Forum is arguably one of the most cherished benefits of membership —a truly “only in YPO” journey. Simply put, a forum is a small group of YPO peers who meet regularly to exchange ideas and experiences on the issues that matter most to them. Forum has become the universal language of YPO, leading to immediate and meaningful connections among members worldwide.

Lifelong Learning

Learning has always defined YPO. From universities, peer-to- peer insights, global conference calls and partnerships with top business schools, the quest for knowledge has shaped the organization and generations of young chief executives. YPO builds “Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange.”

Networks and Groups

YPO has more than 50 business, personal and social impact networks dedicated to robust education and idea exchange, providing members with instant connections to other YPO members around the world.

Only in YPO Experiences

Dinner with Former President of Mexico
Vicente Fox Quesada

YPO Santa Barbara Family Beach Day

Surf Ranch

Death Valley Adventure

Contact Us

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